Enabling the saved search(es)

Prior to Broken Hosts 4.0, the majority of the app was contained in a search called “Broken Hosts Sanity Check.” This search was a slow, monolithic search that made customized alerting difficult. Beginning in Broken Hosts 4.0, the search has been broken into two pieces (for more details, see the Saved Searches documentation). The bh_stats_gen search is enabled by default and does not require configuration. Alerting, however, is done through a separate search.

Broken Hosts 4.0 ships with two example alerting searches, Broken Hosts Alert Search and Broken Hosts Alert - by contact. These searches are meant primarily to be examples of how to build alerting using the Broken Hosts data, and can easily be duplicated, tweaked, or replaced altogether depending on your requirements. If you’re new to Broken Hosts, we suggest starting with Broken Hosts Alert Search and customizing from there. If you’re upgrading from an older version of Broken Hosts and want to continue getting the alerts you’re used to, you can use Broken Hosts Alert - by contact.

Modifying the macros

There are a number of macros defined within the Broken Hosts app to allow users to customize the behavior of the stock searches without significant effort. Some of the macros apply to the stats collection search, while others are used within the alert searches.

For more information on the macros available for fine-tuning the Broken Hosts app, see the Macros documentation.